Dear Emily, Let's Give This Blog A Go

Dear Emily,

Don’t start a blog. There are already too many of them out there and really, what could you possibly have to say that is different than everyone else?


Your Subconscious

Alright blogisphere, we need to talk. I am ever so sorry for my lack of contact recently, but I've been busy. I really just need to focus on my career right now. It's not you, it's me.  

I know I totally ghosted you but now I'm back. I really miss you! Do you think you could possibly forgive me?  

After many, many, many (I mean A LOT) of times saying to myself- what are you waiting for?! Start writing! I’m finally going to start… and stick with it this time, because if you look at the history of my blog I get about one or two posts out and then it fizzles and I give up.

I write for work every single day, have for years, and yet is has taken me a ridiculously long amount of time to come around to the idea that I am ready to do this thing. As with eeeeveryone who starts a blog, there are nerves and worries about judgment from potential readers. Fears over whether or not people would even read it if I kept up with posting.  In fact, I’ve actually written (and published) this same post before- the “here I am world, I’m ready to show you my creative self” and still I haven’t been able to follow through.

So why? What is holding me back?

I’ve mentioned it already, but fear is a big factor. Creating something and presenting it to the world as your own is a scary thing at first. Owning that I want my creative project to be successful and actually caring and trying is a scary thing to admit. It’s kinda like sending the first text to a cute guy you just met- your stomach is in your throat as soon as you hit “send” because you put yourself out there and inadvertently admitted that you cared- which allows the opportunity of failure to be a real thing.  

This fear has come in many forms and different excuses in the past. “I don’t have time, I do too much writing for work already, I don’t know what it will be about, I should have more followers before I start putting out content...” the list goes on. Anyway I’ve reached a point where I’m tired of my own excuses. It’s time to own it, let my freak flag fly, and see where it goes.  

Because really, what’s the worst that can happen?