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Burgundy Fox, A New Way to Lingerie

Copy & Photos by Emily Rose Belle

We love a good "girl power" story here at A Savvy Lifestyle, and Burgundy Fox, a subscription based service, is a creating a new dialogue around lingerie and everyday underwear for women. Founders Alexis and Leslie saw a flaw in the standards of the women's underwear industry, making it feel inaccessible and intimidating to many women….

theoni fall.jpg

A Fall Inspired Table by Betsy Stone of Theoni Collection

Copy & Photos by Emily Rose Belle

The key to an impressive fall inspired table, according to Betsy, lies in two major elements: floral arrangements and layering designs. She always begins her table designs with flowers and then begins layering in the other elements of the table. Since the flowers are often a focal point of the table design, Betsy feels it is one of the best places to draw inspiration from….

Sonoma syrup.jpg

Summer Cocktails with Sonoma Syrup Co.

Copy & Photos by Emily Rose Belle

Summertime is definitely here and there is nothing better than Sonoma Syrup Co. to make for a perfect summer cocktail. Founded in 2002, Sonoma Syrup Co. prides itself on a handcrafted product made in small batches. The uniquely American syrups and extracts reflect the quintessential flavors and sensibility of Sonoma, California…

sigh sonoma.jpg

Sigh Sonoma

Copy & Photos by Emily Rose Belle

Not even one block off the historic Sonoma Square, Sigh Sonoma is a bright "bubble bar" that serves champagne, sparking wine, and beer and wine by the glass. Owned by local Jayme Powers, Sigh Sonoma has been pouring locals and tourists bubbles since 2012, but until June of this year it was in a much smaller location…


Digital Media Copywriting

tia mowry.jpg

Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix

Social Copy by Emily Belle, 2.18-3.19

Weekly uploads that will help you solve life’s little dilemmas FAST! From quick ideas for a weeknight meal, to beauty tips that will get you out the door in a flash, Tia has got you covered!


Being a twin means having a built in best friend, but there are definitely some challenges that come along with it! I'm talking about what it was like to grow up with my twin sister, Tamera.


All Things Adrienne (with Adrienne Houghton)

Social Copy by Emily Belle, 4.18-3.19

Add a little glam to your world without breaking the bank! Adrienne Bailon Houghton shares simple tips to achieve all things #HiLow in beauty, fashion, home décor, and entertaining… and of course all things Adrienne!


Taking a house tour of Chateau Houghton! From high-low hacks and decor secrets to ultra glam Parisian interiors, this gorgeous house is a sight to see.

jojo jordan.jpg

Engaged with JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers

Social Copy by Emily Belle, 8.18-3.19

First comes reality TV, then comes engagement, then comes… real life! Jojo and Jordan fell in love in front of millions of viewers and now they’re letting you in on their day-to-day struggles, solutions, and fun along the way. They are navigating life on their own terms- together and engaged!


Reminiscing on falling in love on reality TV... From behind the scenes moments to dealing with tabloids, you'll get all the details!